Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sea View Beach, Karachi

Sea View Beach, Clifton, Karachi
Sea View Karachi Photos

Most popular picnic point in Karachi

Location: Arabian Sea, Clifton, Karachi

Neighborhoods: Clifton, Defence Housing Authority, Saddar Town

Features: Beachside horse and Camel rides, Amusements Parks, Restaurents, Cineplex Cinema, Swimming in Arabian Sea

Other beaches in Karachi : Hawke's Bay, Sandspit, Paradise Point, French Beach, Cape Mount

A Wonderful Looking Fountain near Clifton Beach
People are enjoying with their families on the beach.
Camel Riding is an amazing experience for the people which come here.
A Bright View of Road alongwith Clifton Beach or Sea View
Seat Benches look gorgeous

Sunset view at Clifton beach
Clifton Beach at Evening

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