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Unseen Pakistan

Unseen Pakistan
These are some places which are unseen by many Pakistanis and the world. Rare photos of the most amazing and most beautiful places in Pakistan and the world. Share it with others, and tell the world how much beauty and amazing places we have. 

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Arror Rock
[near Rohri in Sindh Province, Pakistan]

The shape of rock was caused by unknown natural forces. There is also a Shrine on the top.In France, there is a famous similar shaped rock on sea shore caused by huge water waves but in the middle of barren Arror - such a shape is an Amazing Wonder.

Near this wonder, there are ruins of Bin Qasim Masjid [First ever Masjid built in Subcontinent; during reign of Muhammad Bin Qasim]

Astola Island
[near Pasni in Baluchistan Province 40 km from shore]. 

Astola is Pakistan's largest offshore island and the only significant offshore island in the northern Arabian Sea.

Attabad Lake
It also known as Hunza Lake is a lake in the Hunza Valley of northern Pakistan.

The beautiful lake was formed due to a massive landslide at Attabad village in Gilgit-Baltistan, 9 miles (14 km) upstream (east) of Karimabad that occurred on January 4, 2010.

Bhurban, Pakistan
It is a small town and hill station located 13 km from Murree City. Situated between Murree and Kashmir Road at the height of 6000 feet, Bhurban is attraction for tourists because of the floral, fauna and animals species which are not found in any other part of Pakistan.

It is accessible by Islamabad- Murree Express Way making it a drive of 45 minutes from Islamabad. Bhurban is having 5 star Pearl Continental Hotel with delicious food to enjoy, walking track, swimming pool and much more.

Biafo Glacier
This is not Fox and Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.

This is Biafo Glacier - which is a 63 km long glacier in the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan meets the 49 km long Hispar Glacier at an altitude of 5,128 m (16,824 feet) at Hispar La (Pass) to create the world's longest glacial system outside the polar regions.
[It is considered to be the most beautiful glacier of the world]. It is also called as "Heaven on Earth".

Pakistan has the most beautiful view of mountains on the planet!

Cold Desert of Skardu in Pakistan
This is one of the most beautiful tourists attraction of Northern areas of Pakistan. There are huge sand plains in Skardu.
In the background you can see snow covered mountains. This is also the highest desert of world.
Even Pakistanis don't know about this beautiful desert!

Photographed by: Yasir Nisar.

Concordia Base Camp, Pakistan
This is the view from Concordia towards the valley of the Baltoro Glacier at dawn. On the left [Paiju peaks], middle ,[Trango towers] & on the right [Grand Cathedra].

It offers the region's best place to camp for mountain enthusiasts not involved in climbing.

Concordia [junction of glaciers] is one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

Desert ending on shore in Baluchistan, Pakistan
This beach and desert is adjacent to Hingol National Park.

Photographed by: Shah Murad Aliani

Dudiptsar Lake, Kaghan Valley
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

The word "dudi" means white and "sar" means lake. This name has been given to the lake because of the white color of snow at surrounding peaks. In summer the water of the lake reflects like a mirror. The word "sar" is used with the name of each lake in the area, translating as 'lake.'

It is the crown of all lakes of Kaghan valley. The fact that it cannot be accessed through any vehicle has so far kept it in with its original charm and matchless beauty. The trek to Dudipat starts from Besal which is at a distance of around 55 kms from Naran and is accessible through jeeps.

Gwadar, Pakistan
It is a developing port city in Balochistan, Pakistan. 

Gwadar is strategically located between three increasingly important regions: the oil-rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia and the economically emerging and resource-laden region of Central Asia. Gwadar is the location of the Gwadar Port, a warm-water, deep sea port. Gwadar is located on the Gulf of Oman close to the entrance of the Persian Gulf, about 460 kilometres west of Karachi.

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