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Unseen Pakistan - Part 3

Unseen Pakistan - Part 3
Unseen and most wonderful places in Pakistan, you'll never have seen many of these.

Mai Pir
Ancient City of 'Shehre-e-Roghan' near Lasbela, Pakistan.This cave city is larger than any other in world. There are thousands of cave houses in rocks extends to 2 - 3 km.

In Turkey and other European countries, these cave cities are million dollar tourists attraction. Locals say, this was constructed by Prince Saif-al-Maluk. Sad part, hardly only a Few Pakistanis know about this ancient wonder!
Photographed by: Shah Murad Aliani
Makran, Pakistan
The present day Makran derived its name from Maka, a satrap of Achaemenid Empire. Maka was an important early eastern satrapy of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire.
The narrow coastal plain rises very rapidly into several mountain ranges. Of the 1,000 km coastline, about 750 km is in Pakistan.

Mud Volcano
In Pakistan there are more than 80 active mud volcanoes, all of them in Baluchistan province; there are about 10 locations having clusters of mud volcanoes. In this region, the heights of mud volcanoes range between 800 to 1,550 feet (243.8 to 472.4 m). The most famous is Chandaragup. The biggest crater found at 25°33'13.63"N. 65°44'09.66"E is about 450 feet (137.16 m) in diameter. Most mud volcanoes in this region are situated in out-of-reach areas having very difficult terrain. Dormant mud volcanoes stand like columns of mud in many other areas.
These volcanoes keep the region save from any huge disaster. In Azerbaijan these mud volcanoes are million dollar tourist attraction but sadly we Pakistanis don't even have knowledge about these volcanoes!

Nanga Parbat
It is the ninth highest mountain on Earth and among the eight-thousanders with a summit elevation of 8,126 meters (26,660 ft). It is also an immense, dramatic peak that rises far above its surrounding terrain.

Old Ruins, Basharat, Pakistan
These mysterious old ruins [puraney mandir] are located near Pind Dadan Khan, Chakwal. The locals have many interesting stories to share.

And yes, you are advised to see this place in the day light only.
Photographed by: Farhan Nawaz

Passu Peaks, Hunza, Pakistan
Mysterious mountains stand like a wall between Hunza river and valley.
Photographed by: Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Rakaposhi, Pakistan
Rakaposhi is also known as Dumani [Mother of Mist]. It is situated in the Nagar valley.

Rakhiot Peak
It lies just south of the Indus River, in the Diamir District of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Not far to the north is the western end of the Karakoram range.

Fort of Ranikot
Is this Great Wall of China?

No. It's Wall of Sindh in Ranikot [3 hrs drive from Karachi]. It's the part of one of the Largest Fort in World, Fort of Ranikot.

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